Sunday, February 8, 2009

Autumn in Winter

It is winter, and I am not a big fan of winter season because of the cold. On the other hand, autumn is the season that I tenderly heart! :) Fall's palette carries all my favorite colors, namely yellow, orange, and purple. I love the mellow, crisp weather and the desire for a walk over fallen leaves, or even to bake something... from a batch of simple chocolate chip cookies to a loaf of warm bread sounds amazing. Autumn also brings out a seemingly insatiable craving to go to a coffee shop or my favorite book store (maybe even buy some books!). And of course, not to be forgotten are my absolute favorite holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. They are such festive times, a great excuse to dress up, be with family, and decorate!

I have a painting that I just posted on my Etsy that I'd like to share on my blog too. :)

It's called "Harmony."

My personal favorite part about it is the heart that is in the shape of a leaf; it's symbollic of a love for autumn, and also nature's love for us. :)


Billy and Button said...

This is lovely. It does have a harmonious peaceful feel about it. Very nice :)

Hélène Deroubaix said...

your work is lovely and I love all your Rumi quotes,it resonates it's one of my fav relieving and enthusiasming everything I read "Insane with love"


Hayley Egan said...

Your paintings are beautiful. I feel the same way about Autumn. Sad that summer is finished but softly resigned to get creatively productive. Glad I found your blog!