Saturday, February 21, 2009


Every day, I have to have a cup of tea, without sugar, and preferably with something sweet, either something baked or of dark chocolate. Usually, I do the baking and I've been told I'm not bad either! Of course, I have to be in the mood. Since I've remembered, I have been baking for fun; to me, messing with flour and dough is calming. It can also give me the room to be creative when it requires some decorating.

Even though I always have something for tea time, I eat a small portion, not because I'm conscious (though I know I have to be right?), but that's just me... I guess a small portion eater type. :) So last night, I made a dozen dark chocolate cupcakes, which I didn't spend too much time on decorating, just enough to look good to eat(four of each design - sprinkles, drages, and fondant). For the blue dots, I used some of my previously-made dots from fondent, an inspiration from Sprinkles. One important part of baking is that I have to share it with others, in any form and way I can. I adore seeing the happy faces of people enjoying them. ~ Hugs

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I love this poem from Hafez Shirazi.

Morning breeze, its fragrance will exhale
The old world will once again youthfully sail.
Tulip will bring a red cup to the meadows
Narcissus' eyes from poppy will grow pale.
When would nightingale put up with such abuse
In the chamber of the rose cry and wail.
I traded the temple for the tavern, fault me not
Prayer is long and stale, time is frail.
Leave not joy of the now till the morrow
Who can vouch that the morrow, the now shall trail?
Month of Sha'aban put not down the jug of wine
Till the end of Ramadan you'll miss this Holy Grail.
Hold dear all the flowers and commune
Came to be and will whither with a breeze or a gale.
This feast is for friends, O minstrel, play and sing
Sing again, it came thus and went thus, to what avail?
Hafez, for your sake, entered this tale
Walk with him, say farewell, he'll tear the veil.

Recently I've made this painting in celebration of spring's coming and being content.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just wanted to wish everybody (single or not!) a happy Valentine's Day! I have already started eating my chocolate truffles... and it's only the day before. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Autumn in Winter

It is winter, and I am not a big fan of winter season because of the cold. On the other hand, autumn is the season that I tenderly heart! :) Fall's palette carries all my favorite colors, namely yellow, orange, and purple. I love the mellow, crisp weather and the desire for a walk over fallen leaves, or even to bake something... from a batch of simple chocolate chip cookies to a loaf of warm bread sounds amazing. Autumn also brings out a seemingly insatiable craving to go to a coffee shop or my favorite book store (maybe even buy some books!). And of course, not to be forgotten are my absolute favorite holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. They are such festive times, a great excuse to dress up, be with family, and decorate!

I have a painting that I just posted on my Etsy that I'd like to share on my blog too. :)

It's called "Harmony."

My personal favorite part about it is the heart that is in the shape of a leaf; it's symbollic of a love for autumn, and also nature's love for us. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have been tagged by Thelma to do upload the 4th photo in the 4th folder on my computer! The piece is called, "Enjoy the Little Things."

"Enjoy the Little Things"

To me, being happy is situational but joy is about taking delight in the little things in life and being content with taking glory in them... things like colorful pinwheels, ice cream, blowing bubbles, or a cup tea with good friends. Thanks, Thelma!

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