Saturday, January 31, 2009


"Peace in the heart is divinely sweet"
A mixed media on canvas paper:
9" x 12"

When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. --Rumi
I am not a great writer, though I wish I was! For me, painting is a very tender process that produces an unbelievable feeling. It's like escaping to a wonderful place in your imagination that you hardly can find in the real world. For me it's a process, always it starts with a vague image in my head, and then through stages, it develops itself. Sometimes it's hard to explain; painting from the images of what I see in my head helps me to connect with what I am doing. Every color and every brush stroke help me to bring the mental image to life. I would never know for sure how long or how much work it may involve, but all I know is that it'll let me know when to stop. It feels like she(the painting) is communicating too, in her own way. After all, "we" spend some time together and, of course, I cherish every second of the process. I hope you love the result as much as I do! :) ♥

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Remembering San Francisco...

Driving to the airport with a cup of hot tea, that I was hoping to sip on my way to airport (I always have a cup of afternoon tea). I can't even begin to explain how excited I was just thinking about seeing my best friend, after few years, in the Denver airport. Why in Denver airport? *smiling* Well, she was on her way back home to San Francisco, after a business trip, and her connecting flight was in Denver... and so was mine. :) I actually requested the same, exact flight from Denver to San Francisco, just so I could surprise her. Just thinking about the moment we would meet made me smile...

When I was about to board the plane to Denver, I was so mentally captured by trying to visualize her; had she changed at all? It had been, after all, a few years since I had seen her. Trying to picture her was like a game, and there were so many thoughts going through my head... though mostly good ones, as I didn't want to think of any sad thoughts. Before I knew it, I was sitting by a window and looking outside... perhaps many miles above the ground, still deeply involved with my thoughts, until a voice interrupted, repeating, "Excuse me, do you have a piece of gum?"

I looked at the person who was asking, and saw a man in his thirties, sitting next to me... it's funny that I hardly noticed him before. I gave him a piece of gum, and I guess that was a form of permission for him to start a conversation, eventually questioning the purpose of my trip. At first I felt like it was an invasion to my thoughts, but soon, I was drawn into the conversation and before I knew it, I was in Denver, at the gate of my friend and I's flight... hiding behind a column, waiting for her. :)

I think everyone could tell, just by the look on my face, that something wonderful was about to happen. I was all eyes, eagerly and anxiously looking, waiting, until I could finally see her. And when I saw her, a very pure and innocent happiness suddenly captured me all over, like I couldn't fit in my own skin. She was a few steps away from the gate, but I couldn't wait any longer... and as I approached her, she saw me, and both of us were in tears.

At the end of it all, we had a wonderful time in our next flight together, and in San Francisco with her and her family. Love you Fatima!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's 2009! I can hardly believe we are approaching 2010 so soon! This year I decided not to have any resolutions, but just to be the best of myself. Hopefully that will guide me to make good choices throughout the year. :) I am not such a computer freak, but I spend some time looking, reading, searching and shopping online. I have made a decision a few months ago to use blogging to post my artwork. I am doing this for me, because as an "artist," I need to be friends with the world... but with no expectation of who might see or read my blog.

Since I can remember, I've been creating things and making paintings, which explains why I chose art as my career and major in school. But I can't say if I made it, in the sense that I can live and support myself on that, because I haven't... and I think I know why (or at least I think I do!). Just to name one or two reasons: I've been very involved in lot of other things that never left enough time and energy for the perseverance to pursue my dream job... and that's to create paintings. I think it's time to actually make the time. I can't explain how excited I get after any inspiring moment; how I like to sketch or write about my idea for next painting. I have this small sketch-pad that I carry with me to almost everywhere. Hopefully as I continue to update my new blog, I will post and write about some of my artwork. :)