Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's 2009! I can hardly believe we are approaching 2010 so soon! This year I decided not to have any resolutions, but just to be the best of myself. Hopefully that will guide me to make good choices throughout the year. :) I am not such a computer freak, but I spend some time looking, reading, searching and shopping online. I have made a decision a few months ago to use blogging to post my artwork. I am doing this for me, because as an "artist," I need to be friends with the world... but with no expectation of who might see or read my blog.

Since I can remember, I've been creating things and making paintings, which explains why I chose art as my career and major in school. But I can't say if I made it, in the sense that I can live and support myself on that, because I haven't... and I think I know why (or at least I think I do!). Just to name one or two reasons: I've been very involved in lot of other things that never left enough time and energy for the perseverance to pursue my dream job... and that's to create paintings. I think it's time to actually make the time. I can't explain how excited I get after any inspiring moment; how I like to sketch or write about my idea for next painting. I have this small sketch-pad that I carry with me to almost everywhere. Hopefully as I continue to update my new blog, I will post and write about some of my artwork. :)

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