Friday, November 21, 2008

Unexpected Treasure

I already wrote about this in my journal, but I like to include it in my blog too. I had a very memorable trip to Santa Fe back in August. I was so surprised and amazed with the weather in that part of the Southwest region; I think my neck got sore because I was constantly looking up at the beautiful sky. It was, sincerely, the most gorgeous blue sky I have ever seen, with an unbelievable amount of white clouds that were scattered throughout. It was as if it was hosting some sort of cotton candy festival, featuring fluffy, thick puffs and wisps of clouds; I couldn't resist looking and taking so many pictures. It was a moment more than any other time that I felt the presence of a creator, while I was a little admirer, lost in the abundance of so much beauty.

My other very neat experience was visiting Canyon Road, a famous art district, or rather a community of many art galleries, which are like candy stores for artists and art lovers. :) I absolutely loved this road, uphill with bends throughout. There were so many fresh flowers, hanging over aged walls or planted in pots all over. The weather couldn't have been better; it was so pleasant and nice that I had to remind myself where I was. The air was fresh, almost divine, and I couldn't breathe in deeper. I had a wonderful time.

I should mention the highlight of my visit to Canyon Road was discovering an exquisite and charming gallery, owned by a beautiful person and artist named Heidi Kujat. At first I was drawn by the location, sitting a little back from the road, with welcoming signs featuring crimson and gold hearts. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by Heidi, who didn't introduce herself as the artist and gallery owner.

As we start to talk about the pieces in the gallery - beautiful sculptures of tree goddesses and angels - I thought that she had to be the creator of those incredibly pieces. And my intuition was right: she was, indeed, the person who created those beauties. Her goddesses were amazing, and I couldn't pick a favorite... except I did eventually. :) My family and I spent a great deal of time in her gallery, talking with her, and making sure to look at each piece. Her gallery, to me, was about feeling and inspirations; every piece had a tale to tell. The atmosphere was warm, inviting, and moving place. And I met someone who thought like me, and with whom I felt connected, remembering we humans are indeed like tapestries... with all the similarities we share inside, with our own unique threads.

My stay in Santa Fe was very short, about 3 - 4 days, but I brought back with me an experience and mental image that I'll never forget. I have traveled so many places and I do of course have favorites, but to me, Santa Fe was a truly unexpected treasure.

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