Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I hope I don't sound corny or anything by mentioning this, still the whole idea is new to me, so I should get excited to be included in an Etsy Treasury! This is third or fourth time that one of my art pieces has been chosen...yaaay! So I must leave you with a wonderful treasury that I'm so delighted to be a part of. It was made by the creative Muppetloon.

Pinwheels... Round and Round

P.S: The last row on the picture is missing because I couldn't get it all to fit! I did a print screen and saved it onto a clipboard, but I couldn't get the whole 4 rows in. :(


Billy and Button said...

Im not sure what an Etsy treasury is, but I would certainly be proud to be part of one! (Im guessing its some sort of showcase, you have been selected for?) Good on you Sonia, its a testament to your true talent as an artist!

barbi malibu said...

simply beautiful! your women are so mysterious and magical!