Sunday, March 15, 2009

Makes me hungry!

Hello gorgeous people!
I recently came across this poem and loved it so much that I couldn't resist sharing it. The concept of serving and giving reminded me of a piece I created a few months ago called, "Tiny Little Reminders to Give."

"Eating the World"

I was born with my mouth open…
entering this juicy world
of peaches and lemons and ripe sun
and the pink and secret flesh of women,
this world where dinner is in the breath
of the subtle desert,
in the spices of the distant sea
which late at night drift over sleep.

I was born somewhere between
the brain and the pomegranate,
with a tongue tasting the delicious textures
of hair and hands and eyes;
I was born out of the heart stew,
out of the infinite bed, to walk upon
this infinite earth.

I want to feed you the flowers of ice
on this winter window,
the aromas of many soups,
the scent of sacred candles
that follows me around this cedar house,
I want to feed you the lavender
that lifts up out of certain poems,
and the cinnamon of apples baking,
and the simple joy we see
in the sky when we fall in love.

I want to feed you the pungent soil
where I harvested garlic,
I want to feed you the memories
rising out of the aspen logs
when I split them, and the pinyon smoke
that gathers around the house on a still night,
and the mums left by the kitchen door.

I want to feed you the colors of rain
on deserted parking lots,
and the folds of delirious patchouli
in the Indian skirt of the woman
on Market Street in San Francisco,
and the human incense of so much devotion
in tiny villages in Colorado and Peru.

I want to serve you breakfast at dawn,
I want to serve you the bread
that rises in the desert dust, serve you
the wind that wanders through the canyons,
serve you the stars that fall over the bed,
serve you the Hopi corn one thousand years old,
serve you the saffron in the western sunset,
serve you the delicate pollen that blows its lullaby
through each lonely wing of flesh;
I want to serve you the low hum of bees
clustered together all winter
eating their honey.-— James Tipton


linda cardina said...

sonia i love your work! what medium do u use?

have a gr8 day!
xo linda

Hayley Egan said...

How Powerful.. X

sonia close said...

Linda and Hayley thanks for your sweet comments! Linda to answer your question I use gouache, acrylic and ink. ~Hugs

Micki said...

Thank you for the lovely blog comment!
Great poem.

Micki x

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Sonia, Im giving you the Kreative Blogger award! You can see the details on my blog. Love your newest painting. Kaili

ButterCup said...

Lovely colors!
I like it.